Positive feedback from Washington School Districts

Darrington, WA All Staff 2024

Relevant & Meaningful


out of 5

Heather, Courtney and Chris have been such an incredible support for our school as we go through the renewal process for our accreditation. Heather has provided resources and the tools my staff and I needed to identify our problems of practice and resources to address them. I can't thank them enough for all their help, support, and words of wisdom!!

- Darrington Educator

Enumclaw District, WA 2023 Elevate Summit

Likely to Apply Concepts


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“This breakout session was very informative and gave a lot of insight into behaviors...very useful tool for helping to determine the motivation behind behaviors and how to help meet students where they are at to help them create healthier behaviors.”

“Great information and activities to reflect on. Helps me think about the future and how I can build/improve relationships from the start.”

- Enumclaw Educators

Hoquiam, WA District Day 2023

Rated as an effective training


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“Thank you for giving us tools/strategies to use right away in the classroom.”

“Great presenter energy and very effective/inclusive/inviting format”

“I really liked how interactive and educating the training was.”

- Hoquiam Educators

Continua SEL Hangouts connecting educators during the pandemic

Continua work has positive impact on staff and students

Snohomish County Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP) Grant: June 2019 data*

*Data not collected in 2020-21 due to pandemic. Results from 333 educators, 8 school districts and the Trauma Informed Leadership Team (TILT)

Training Effectiveness


out of 5 by all staff
Training Effectiveness


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Open to Continua's Feedback


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Snohomish County Trauma-Informed Practices Grant Implementation, 2017-present:

Implemented across districts and levels in Washington State

  • 5 District Levels

        Marysville School District
        Lake Stevens School District
        Monroe School District

  • School Level

        2 Primary, K-2 Schools
        15 Elementary Schools
        10 Middle Schools
        7 Comprehensive High Schools
        2 Alternative High Schools

Improvements in schools with 2-3 years of implementation
of TIP Grant

Reductions in overall discipline

Reductions in minor referrals for defiance/disruption

Increased teacher capacity to handle issues in class

Increase in student sense of belonging

Increase in student peer to peer relationship

Increase in staff efficacy to address student behaviors

Increase in staff knowledge on how to implement trauma-informed practices

Increase in staff collaboration practices/Collective Efficacy

Continua Feedback

The Continua team has worked side by side with us, providing a theoretical framework for our learning, practical processes to involve staff in our learning time, building consensus and commitment to our school’s improvement efforts. As consultants, they provide expert guidance and feedback in a non-judgmental, productive manner.

As people, they honor the thoughts of any staff member that contributes to our conversation and demonstrate genuine commitment to our school.

Alene Arkawa, Principal of Cascade Elementary School, Marysville SD, Spring 2021

Continua’s consultants are very professional, know their stuff, work great with staff both remotely and in-person, and show great flexibility to provide exactly what a school/staff needs at any given time. We are very pleased with our work with Continua over the last two years.

Tovah and James were great this year with all that was going on and learning to do PD a new way. They were very understanding of my staff’s struggles and worked hard to engage while also addressing the staffs’ need for self-care.

Devin McLane – Principal at Olympic View Middle School in Mukilteo, Spring 2021

Their impact has been transformational! They are helping us build systems and structures to better support ALL students as well as foster our inclusive, welcoming culture we have worked so hard to build. Staff learning the tools necessary to better understand the function of the behavior allows us to have more intentional, effective interventions, which then means students are learning the necessary tools so they can be successful and stay in the classroom. Staff building their capacity in SEL needs for their students as well as themselves has been life-saving during this challenging time. Approached with our need – Continua worked through a strategic plan of support and shared learning that has been transformational and we have just begun! Appreciate their partnership, approach and support!!

Kathleen Stilwell, Principal Garfield Elementary, Everett School District, Spring 2021

Continua really gets our school culture, needs and goals. This team has pushed us further than any other consulting firm we have had.

WE have a game plan ! When covid struck and our world went upside down, Continua helped to ground us, set priorities and gave wonderfully effective tools and ideas.

Barbara Dubin , MSW Social Worker/ Counselor, Everett School District, Spring 2021

Continua walks with the school team in auditing current Trauma informed Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and then collectively as a team, members sets a mission and goals to reach the mission. This mission and action plan is all inclusive of professional learning, all stakeholder voice and participation, and continuous progress checking. Through teaming with Continua our student’s sense of belonging grew substantially in just two years at a large comprehensive high school.

Students at my comprehensive large high school felt empowered and that their voices were not only heard but that each student was making positive growth in the culture of the school community. One way that this was manifested was through the schoolwide expectations for staff and students were entirely student driven and created. This provided students agency and ownership of the school culture.

Mary Ingraham, Everett HS Assitant Principal, Spring 2021

Solid team with Solid supports. Continua has provided our team with a consistent message that supports equity systems in buildings backed by research.

Nathan Plummer – Principal, Sultan Middle School, Spring 2021

Continua’s supports have impacted our school, staff, and students significantly over the past 3 years. They have supported us getting systems in place for Tier 1. They have also helped us implement a Tier 1 team meeting procedure, recording template, and helped guide our discussions with research-based input. One of the most valuable contributions to our staff and students is the professional development courses they have designed for our teachers, which really meet the needs of our individual school and students. The knowledge gained from those trainings is invaluable and has really shaped the culture and climate of our school building.

Rachel Phillips. TILT facilitator, first grade teacher, Monroe School District, Spring 2021