School discipline seeks more-positive results
By Scott Peacock, The Marysville Globe
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Positive Greetings at the Door: Evaluation of a Low-Cost, High-Yield Proactive Classroom Management Strategy
C.R. Cook, A. Fiat, M. Larson, C.L. Daikos,, Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions I-II, Spring 2018
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Sustainable Tigers? A Critical Analysis of Paper Tigers
C.V. Daikos & C.L. Daikos, Washington Principal, Spring/Summer 2016
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Preliminary Study of the Confined, Collateral, and Combined Effects of Reading and Behavioral Interventions: Evidence for a Transactional Relationship
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Community Teachers and The Preparation of Special Education Teachers: A Case Study
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Designing Classrooms for Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders
C. L. Daikos, Essential (January 2016)
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Works that Influence Us:

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