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Educational Psychology and Leadership Consultants

Continua Consulting Group supports school districts and their communities in creating systemic, sustainable solutions which result in positive life outcomes. Utilizing a constructivist model, we tailor our consultation and training to meet our clients' strengths and unique needs.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs)

The impact of toxic stress on the developing brain

Neurology and function of behavior

How ACEs result in maladaptive behaviors

Maladaptive behaviors serve a purpose

Trauma informed Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (T-MTSS)

Evidence based strategies for effective supports to all students (tier 1)

Evidence based strategies for specialized and individualized interventions (tier 2 and 3)

Data driven practices for intervention design at all 3 tiers to ensure fidelity: Implementation Science, aligning proper interventions, reducing false positive IEPs

Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation

Culturally Responsive Practices and Pedagogy

Historicizing and humanizing places, people, policies

Ethnic Studies

Equity and social justice: rank, status and power

Cultural, racial, gendered identities in our communities

Instructional Design for Language Acquisition

Emotional Behavioral Disorder Program Design

Research based strategies, systems, practices for student, staff and family success in EBD or ED classrooms

Teacher, para-educator and administrator training

Inclusive practices for scaffolding student success in general education settings

Leadership Consulting and Coaching

Support to school principals, leadership teams, superintendents, district leaders, county leaders or other leaders of educational systems
Instructional Leadership consultation for staffing, budget, learning progression
Client centered, constructivist approach to both professional and personal solutions

Community Integration

Alignment of common goals and practices across social service agencies for community improvement of mental health and well-being
Establishing common foundational language and framework community wide.
Grounded in the model of T-MTSS through an ACEs informed and Culturally Responsive lens

Architecture and Furniture Design for Education

Consulting to architects and furniture designers on innovative, responsive spaces
Recommended physical space structures for success of EBD students
Alignment of physical space and design with evidence based practices.