Everett High School has benefitted from Continua’s side-by-side coaching, professional development planning, and our Leadership Team’s professional learning. They have helped us engage the entire staff with evidence-based strategies that have had a positive impact on our school culture, specifically with our work on building a sense of belonging for each student.

Lance Balla, Principal, Everett High, WA

Courtney Daikos, Sultan Middle School, WA
Courtney Daikos, Sultan Middle School, WA

I have found Continua to be easy to work with, responsive, entertaining, and knowledgeable.

Shawn Ryan, Principal, Machias Elementary, Snohomish, WA

Chris Cronas, 2019 Trauma-Informed MTSS Conference
Chris Cronas, 2019 Trauma-Informed MTSS Conference

The professional development provided by Continua has been top-notch. They are responsive to the needs of our school.

Jared Groehler, Principal, Bishop Elementary, Rochester, MN

I felt this was timely and really important to the success of the students we serve. I feel that this conversation has been the elephant in the room, and I’m glad we’re finally working together to address it in a consistent way.

Middle School Teach On SEL PD

The learning that we have done as a district with Continua Consulting Company has led us to question our long-held beliefs and assumptions around the “why” of student behavior and the often-ineffective ways in which we have responded in the past. If all behavior is communication, then what are our students trying to tell us? The power of the work that they are leading us in is learning strategic, researched-based practices in which adults respond in ways that will help all students, but especially students who have or are experiencing trauma. For school districts on the MTSS journey, Continua’s work will help your staff, who often feel helpless when student needs are great, create a positive learning environment in which students can thrive.

Becky Brockman, Executive Director Of Special Services, Snohomish, WA

I appreciated all the hard work you put into the presentation. I appreciated the honest conversations and great training. This was the best training at our school yet. Thank you!

Primary School Teacher