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What We Do

Our Mission:

Schools and communities increasingly face the challenge of supporting students who struggle with safe behavior and emotional regulation. Many children and young adults exhibit emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, often associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), that impede their ability to access education as well as that of their peers (Reid, Patterson, & Snyder, 2002). External behaviors typically associated with these students exhibit a range of social, emotional, and behavioral problems, including physical aggression, school refusal, bullying, and defiance towards authority. Children exposed to toxic stress or ACEs develop these maladaptive behaviors to serve their basic human needs. Communities and educators benefit from learning that such maladaptive behaviors, while inappropriate in the school or community based setting, serve a purpose. When we understand that purpose, we can better design evidence based interventions to help them learn new behaviors. Continua Consulting Group Team teaches clients the knowledge and systems necessary to implement effective interventions for positive changes in student behavioral and academic outcomes.

Children struggling with maladaptive behaviors, who do not benefit from trauma-informed interventions, often are suspended, over-qualified for special education and are at risk of dropping out before high school graduation. Many school districts and communities lack the proper interventions, skills and protective factors that can lead to positive life outcomes for these children. Ultimately, such lacking systemic supports maintain the school to prison pipeline. These are the issues that are at the core of Continua Group’s research, writings and consultancy. We provide consultation and training for school districts, administrators, teachers and parents by using a Trauma-Informed Multi-Tiered System of Support (T-MTSS) for academic, social and emotional success of all children, including those who have had adverse childhood experiences. In teaching with a constructivist model, we tailor our consultation and training to meet our clients' strengths and unique needs.

We Specialize In:

Trauma-informed multi-tiered system of support (T-MTSS)
Adverse Childhood Experiences & maladaptive behaviors interventions
Behavioral intervention design and support
School Administrator leadership coaching/strategizing
Implementation Science: Data Driven Practices
Emotional behavior disorder program design and support
Instructional leadership coaching
Professional learning communities
Family engagement strategies
Educator self-care
Standards-based instruction
Formative assessment
Vertical and horizontal alignment for CCSS implementation
Readers and writers workshop

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