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Educational Psychology and Leadership Consultants

One of the greatest social justice challenges facing educators today is how to best serve children who struggle with safe behavior and emotional regulation. Schools increasingly face the challenge of supporting students including, but not limited to, those identified as having Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD). Many students come to school with entrenched emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, often associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), that impede their ability to access education as well as that of their peers (Reid, Patterson, & Snyder, 2002). External behaviors typically associated with these students exhibit a range of social, emotional, and behavioral problems, including physical aggression, school refusal, bullying, and defiance towards authority. These are the issues that are at the core of Continua Group’s research, writings and consultancy.

We provide consultation and training for school districts, administrators, teachers and parents by using a multi-tiered system of support for academic success and social and emotional wellbeing for all children including those who have had adverse childhood experiences.

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Speaking out

Continua consultants are actively engaged in the conversation about social emotional develop of children.

Trauma-informed multi-tiered systems of support podcast

Chris Daikos & Courtney Daikos join Justin Baeder with The Principal Center, to discuss their work with trauma-informed multi-tiered systems of support.

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